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PRIDE - Positive Respectful Initiative Determined Excellence


How to PRINT from the Chromebooks?  see the PDF instructions below

School Computer Log In Basics:

  • your username is your student number
  • your TEMPORARY password is your birthday (yyyymmdd) - CHANGE THIS NOW!
  • students should sign into Student-SECURESID for Wifi access 
  • this account works for the photocopiers too

How to create a SOLID password:

Step 1: think of a favourite song/poem/phrase...something that has 5+ words in it

Step 2: create a password using the FIRST LETTER of each of these words - you can use the other characters (symbols, numbers) if you want to be extra creative and careful - and make sure that the final result is 8+ characters long (add more numbers or symbols at the beginning and end if you have to do so)

Step 3: think of this song/poem/phrase whenever you need to remember the password!

Example: TTl*hiwwur?
‚ÄčAre you humming "Twinkle, twinkle..." in your head?

Need more help? Check out Green Geeks for more tips.

G SuiteG Suite Apps for Education

Ms. Raabe is the person to see about your account. You can find her in Room S130 downstairs.


Help using Office 365

  • Staff
  • Students    username = (so, your student number)
  • The password is the same for logging into any school computer.

Downloadable Files: