SD33 Reconfiguration Info & Update

Posted on: October 25th, 2017

The SD Website has all the current information about Grade Reconfiguration and Boundary/Catchment changes

Post that deal specifically with Middle School have another page now:


A PDF map of the new boundaries is attached to the bottom of this page.


October 25, 2017: Reconfiguration Update

Thank you to the many parents, staff and students who provided feedback regarding the proposed Draft Options for Boundaries and Feeder Schools. The feedback is part of the information being used to provide Recommendations to the Board by the Superintendent at its November 7, 2017 Board Meeting. (read more here...)

SD33 YouTube Channel for Live Streaming of School Board Meetings

Posted October 11: Reconfiguration Update

Please see 3 Draft Options for redefined Boundaries and Feeder Schools (same link as above). (We have included them below for your convenience.)

The superintendent and committee members are eager to hear back from you about these options!

  • Mrs. Evelyn Novak:
  • Mr. Bob Patterson:

​Posted October 18: Public SD Board Meeting October 17, 2017 - Parent Concerns Addressed (YouTube Recording Linked Here)


Downloadable Files: