MyBlueprint At MSMS

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We have been chosen as a pilot middle school for this powerful planning tool. This tool will be integrated into the advisory program, Career 7 courses, Entrepreneur 8 courses, and many other classes throughout the year. 

It is also going to be used to create and maintain digital portfolios for each student centred on the six Core Competencies. Students will be required to report out on their own progress for all six at the end of this year.

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*All students will log on before Christmas Break and start the "Who Am I" surveys.  If a student is absent on the day the advisory is guided through the process, please use the guide below to create an account. Email Ms. Raabe if you need assistance.
Once a student creates an account, only the email and password are needed to log into that student's account. This account will follow them to high school in SD33. If prompted, choose "GW Graham" as the school because MSMS is now the feeder school for GWG.


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