Mr Clarke

Computer lab open at every lunch for work completion!

Use my web site for additional information and notes:



1. There is no mark penalty for handing in late work but it WILL affect your Work Habits (G, S or N) mark.

2. All work must be completed by Final Hand In Date - see above - or it will be marked as zero.

3. YOU are responsible for staying up to date, not your parents nor your teachers. I will remind you of missing work at the beginning of most classes and you should also check the marks displayed on the wall. 

4. The Computer Lab is open every morning (@ 7:40am) and most lunchtimes. Use this time as it is VERY useful.

5. If you miss a class, you are expected to get copies of the notes. There are always notes!

6. You will need a binder, paper and pencil for every class. For French, you will need a French/English dictionary or a phone/iPod with WiFi access and French/English dictionary app for iPhone or Android

Come in to the lab at lunch...we're very helpful!