Mount Slesse's G Suite for Education

How to sign into the G Suite Portal:

Students sign in with the first 3 letters of their first names and the first 3 letters of their last names (3+3):

example of 3+3 for Jane Smith =
example of 3+3 for Terrell Jones =

Students MUST remember to add the suffix "" to enter the MSMS portal.

Temporary user passwords are assigned when an account is created, and these must be changed to a more-secure 8+ character password. 

Temporary passwords are 'msms' plus the student's ID number 

Example: Jane's ID = 111111 so her password would be msms111111
Example: Terrell's ID = 1288888 so his password would be msms1288888
See Ms. Raabe in Room S130 to re-set a student password during Break, during Lunch, during Advisory on Day 1 or Day 3, or after school.

Our portal is secure and exclusive to our school's students and staff members.

Benefits of the G Suite at MSMS include (but are not limited to):

gmail: GAFE gmail includes a directory to EVERYONE at MSMS! 

drive: create a shared folder for every class and every unit to automatically hand in your work!

docs: no lost papers! Hand in your work online! Create your works cited list automatically with the EasyBib add-on!

slides: great for regular slideshows but also awesome for collages!

forms: surveys, quizzes, bell-ringer assignments, reading logs (teachers get creative)

Classroom: the EASIEST way to receive and submit assignments